Custom Fabrication and Machine Work

If you can't buy it, we will make it.

Here at Wedman Motorsports we like to cater to those people that want something a little different than the same old 'off-the-shelf' item. Whether you want a motorcycle that does not exist or dream of having that bike you saw as a teenager, whether you have an almost completed machine but just can't find that part or you have a standard bike and just want to make it different and stand out from the crowd, we can make it happen.

Here is a quick summary of the services we can offer you:

Custom motorcycle building
We can build any kind of custom motorcycle you desire, whether it be an all-out, one-off custom creation, a replica of your favorite race bike, a restoration of a classic or even some personalization to your every day ride.

The starting point for your build can be pretty much anything from a box of parts to a brand new bike. Let us help you create the bike of your dreams.

General Machining & fabrication

If you need a bracket fabricated or a spacer skimmed down a few mm we can help. Not only do we take on major projects, we also do all those little one off jobs that you can’t seem to find anyone to take care of. Whether it be Tig welding of Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Titanium, if you need something sawn off, drilled out, bent into shape or even just need a thread tapped, we can carry out any of these types of jobs for you.

We can repair most damage to almost any component of your bike.
We say 'most damage' because sometimes it is just cheaper to replace the damaged part!
We can advise whether or not parts are worth repairing and get them back to factory condition.

Product Development
Do you have an idea for something that needs to be machined, fabricated or built ?
We can help....

We are able to fabricate items from CAD drawings, Hand drawn sketches and even from mental pictures you have stored in your head! We can help develop a new product in conjunction with you, giving you our experience in pattern making and leaving you safe in the knowledge that your ideas will not be stolen!

If you have an idea and are stuck with a problem or not sure how something should be made, we can give you useful advice, help, ideas & we won't just look at you with a blank face!

Our Projects

Swing Arm On Harley

Swing Arm